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We specialise in small to medium residential projects to ensure you’re always a priority in the business and you have your own design consultant to liase with.

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Glenn Nielsen

Building Designer


Glenns passion for helping growing families transform their homes is what makes Glenn standout in Building Design.  As a family man, he recognises the significance of creating family homes that meet your distinct needs.  He’ll design multiple design options for your review, cutting through the need for changes and present ideas to explore what’s possible.  Glenn becomes a reliable partner throughout your building journey and assists you with builder recommendations, manages the entire design and permit process whilst respecting your budgetary limits.


Join Glenn and the team at Metro Building Designers today and embark on an incredible transformation of turning your home into your dream home.  You will witness firsthand the personalized attention and expertise that have earned Glenn a well-deserved reputation as a respected leader in the industry.

Our Point Of Difference

Metro Building Designers specialise in Extensions, Renovations, New Homes and Unit Developments. This ensures when you engage our services you receive prompt service, excellent communication and the home of your dreams.

We specialise in small to medium residential projects to ensure you’re always a priority in the business and you have your own design consultant to liase with. We have extensive experience in dealing with Local Councils all across Melbourne.

We pride ourselves on ensuring the process is as stress-free and simple as possible. We follow a three step system.

Step 1 - Initial Consultation

At Metro Building Designers, we start by getting to know you and understanding your vision for your dream home. Our initial consultation is a personal and in-depth conversation where we listen attentively to your ideas, requirements, and budget. We value your input and believe that every detail matters. This is an opportunity for us to establish a strong foundation of trust and collaboration.

Step 2 - Design Development 

Once we have a clear understanding of your vision, our skilled team of designers gets to work. We transform your ideas into tangible design concepts, taking into account your style preferences, functional needs, and local regulations. We carefully craft detailed plans that reflect your unique personality and lifestyle. Throughout this phase, we maintain open communication, actively seeking your feedback and input. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Step 3: Refinement and Finalisation

In the refinement and finalisation stage, we fine-tune the design to perfection. We pay meticulous attention to every detail, working closely with you to ensure that the design reflects your vision and exceeds your expectations. We discuss any necessary adjustments or modifications, keeping you involved in the decision-making process. We provide a clear timeline and discuss costs transparently. Our goal is to ensure that you are excited and confident about the final design before we proceed to the construction phase.

Experience the Metro Building Designers difference. Our three-step process focuses on collaboration, personalization, and attention to detail. Together, we will bring your dream home to life, creating a space that truly reflects your style, needs, and aspirations. Contact us today to begin your journey towards a home that surpasses your expectations.
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