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New Homes

Design your new home with Metro Building Designers Melbourne’s No. 1 new home drafting service.

New Homes

Choose to design your new home with Metro Building Designers so you can design the perfect home that matches your families needs and lifestyle. We take the stress out of the entire process so you can enjoy this exciting time in your life. We have years of experience designing homes all over Melbourne that have the clients needs and requirements front and centre. So why wait? Get in contact with Metro Building Designs for your obligation free consultation.

Yes designing a new home can be complicated with all the design choices and hoops you need to jump through especially council applications and approvals. Instead of finding out about all these hurdles as you go we are able to walk you through all design considerations to suit your needs while staying within budget and residential development regulations. This will ensure your project progresses as smoothly as possible.

What Type of New Home do You Want to Build?

Single Storey Homes

Learn about the benefits that you can get from designing a single story home with Metro Building Designers.

Double Storey homes

Learn about the advantages that come with a dual level living. Speak to Metro Building designers today.

Knockdown + Rebuild

Learn why you may choose to knockdown and rebuild rather than renovate your existing home.

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