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Helping Melbourne Residents Obtain Building Permits

If you’re undertaking a building project in Melbourne – such as a new home build, extension, or renovation – it’s important to ascertain the types of building permits you will need in order for your plans to gain approval from the relevant authorities. At Metro Building Designers, our team has many years of experience negotiating the nuances of applying for permits, such as building and council permits.

Having an experienced team of builders and designers on your side for building permit applications means that your new home or renovation will be a more streamlined process, minimising delays, and getting you into your dream space on time.

Taking the Hassle of Building Permits Off Your Shoulders

The application for building permits in Melbourne can be an arduous journey if you’re doing it on your own. We understand that it can be an overwhelming process, which is why we’re more than willing to offer our expertise in the application process. As well as composing designs and offering drafting services, our team know all the tips to make sure that your permit application has the best chance at being approved.

Handling Building Permits for Melbourne Projects

Metro Building Designers are one of Melbourne’s most sought after building design companies, and our commitment to taking the hassle off our clients is what sets us apart from the crowd. When it comes to building permits, our experienced team knows the best way to approach applications and liaise with the relevant stakeholders.


Our service area extends to Preston, Rosanna, Thornbury, Viewbank and Northcote, and our skillful designers are passionate about making each home unique to every client we work with; helping homeowners across Melbourne bring their dream home to life. Get in contact with our team on 0411 840 192.

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