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Drafting Services in Northcote

If you’re searching for luxury drafting companies, look no further than Metro Building Designers. Operating across Northcote and the surrounding suburbs of Melbourne, we’re the firm clients trust when they’re seeking an experienced draftsman who can bring their dream home to life. Creating luxury homes for people is our specialty, born from many years of experience creating unforgettable new homes, renovations, and extensions. To learn more about our process, as well as how we can help you with council and building permits, get in touch today.

Trusted Draftsman in Northcote

An architectural draftsman prepares drawings and designs for construction projects. The drafting team at Metro Building Designers work closely with our clients to ensure that their Northcote home is designed to their exact specifications, ensuring that each part of the new home, renovation, or extension feels like we’ve brought your dreams to life. We put customer satisfaction as our top priority, which is why our services are designed to align with the client’s vision, personality, and specific requirements.

Building Permits

The application for building permits in Northcote can be overwhelming. That’s why our team are happy to handle applying for council and building permits on your behalf. Having worked in the industry for so long, we know what is required in an application, giving you the best chance at having it approved. With an experienced draftsman, designer, and team of builders bringing your project to life from conception to completion, all you have to do is sit back and relax whilst your dream home is created before your eyes.

One of Northcote’s Most Trusted Drafting Companies

Metro Building Designers handles drafting as well as obtaining council and building permits for customised new homes and renovations. Our service area extends throughout Preston, Rosanna, ViewbankThornbury, and we’re committed to making every client’s experience streamlined and stress-free. Get in contact with us by calling 0411 840 192.

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